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HCP Analysis

Fluorescent labeling and high resolution large format 2D DIGE platform allows high sensitivity detection, accurate quantitation and direct visualization of HCP antibody coverage & HCP profiling that no other platform can achieve.

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Over 400 publications have cited Applied Biomics. Our services are cost effective, have quick turnaround, and are all performed in-house. With every service, we provide complimentary experimental design and proprietary sample preparation.

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Great customer service is our top priority, and we would like to show our appreciation when you choose us. We have several special offers for our new customers to help them get started. Receive up to a 15% discount on the first 2D DIGE analytical gel.

2D DIGE vs 2D Gel

Why run 2D-DIGE instead of the typical 2D-gel? What are the advantages of 2D-DIGE in terms of cost, quality, and reproducibility? These are some common questions our customers ask. It turns out that 2D DIGE offers significant advantages over 2D-gels.

Featured publications citing our services

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