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Versatile proteomics platform to scan the full proteome and quickly identify biomarkers of all biological samples, such as cells, tissues, body fluids, and more. 

HCP Analysis

Comprehensive HCP analysis by high resolution, large format 2D DIGE proteomics analysis allows high sensitivity detection, accurate quantitation and direct visualization of HCP antibody coverage & HCP/product profiling that no other platform can achieve.

Top-quality proteomics services for academia and industry

Why Us

Over 450 proteomics publications have cited Applied Biomics. Our proteomics services are cost effective, have quick turnaround, and are all performed in-house. With every service, we provide complimentary experimental design and strive for the highest quality to meet your goals.

Sample Preparation

Proteomics sample preparation is the most challenging and important step to ensure high quality data. We have developed and constantly optimize our proprietary sample prep protocols for every sample type. In general, customers can submit samples without any manipulation.

2D DIGE vs 2D Gel

Why run 2D-DIGE instead of the typical 2D-gel? What are the advantages of 2D-DIGE proteomics analysis in terms of cost, quality, and reproducibility? These are some common questions our customers ask. It turns out that 2D DIGE offers significant advantages over 2D-gels.

Featured proteomics publications citing our services

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