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Fluorescent 2-Color 2D Western Blot




A: Protein Image

B: Double-color Western Blots

Fluorescent 2-Color 2D Western Blot Fluorescent 2-Color 2D Western Blot

Fluorescent 2-color 2D Western blot

Protein lysate was prepared from the mouse liver. 60 ug of protein sample was used for the minimal labeling by Cy2 and followed by 2D electrophoresis (service provided by Applied Biomics, Hayward, California). After the 2D gel image scan, the gel is subject to protein transfer followed by Western blot.

A. 2D gel image; B. Fluorescent 2-color Western blot. Western Blot was performed using rabbit anti-human keratin 8 and mouse monoclonal antibody against human keratin 18 as primary antibodies followed by using CF 555-labeled goat anti-rabbit Ig (Biotium, CA) and CF647-labeled goat anti-mouse Ig (Biotium, CA) as a secondary antibodies, and the Western Blot images were scanned using Typhoon scanner.