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Identify Acetylation-site




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Identification of Acetylation-Site

Turnaround time is 5-7 business days. Please see the procedure of Acetylation-site Identification for detailed steps of this service. Price covers the identification of acetylation sites for 1 protein per sample, following are the major steps:

1) Reduction and alkylation
2) Trypsin digestion
3) Peptide extraction
4) Desalting
5) NanoLCMSMS on peptides matching the mass of acetylated peptides from virtual digest
6) Standard database search against one species in NCBI or SwissProt database using MASCOT
7) Data report:
- Top 10 hits via MASCOT search
- list of precursors with predicated acetylation sites
- MSMS spectrums on precursors showing an immonium ion peak at 126 m/z

Price does NOT cover: 1) protein identification; 2) sample preparation; 3) data request in addition to the standard report.

If a customer does not provide protein sequence or accession number, an additional $150 will be charged for protein identification.