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Identification of Phosphorylation Sites




This service works the best with purified proteins or IP samples with target proteins enriched. Each experiment covers the identification of ALL Phosphorylation sites (Ser, Thr and Tyr) in a single protein per sample. Customers can send samples in-gel or in-solution, and provide the amino acid sequence or accession number of the target protein.

Identification of Phosphorylation-site involves enriching phosphorylated peptides followed by mass spectrometry. The enrichment is critical since phosphorylated proteins often represent 1-2% of the total protein population. In each run, a positive control consisting of a peptide with a known phosphosite is subjected to the same experimental conditions as the test samples. The presence of phosphosites is confirmed at by the precense of a MSMS peak showing the loss of phosphate.

Gel Bands/Spots or In-Solution Samples

Gel bands/spots 
Reduction/Alkylation & Trypsin Digestion

Reduction/Alkylation & Trypsin Digestion
Phospho-Peptide Enrichment

Phosphorylated peptide enrichment
Identification of Phosphorylated peptide site
Identification of Phosphorylation Site
Database Search for Phosphorylation Sites

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