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Sulfotyrosine 2D Western Blot: Detect & Quantify




Our Sulfotyrosine 2D Western Blot platform offers high sensitivity detection and accurate quantitation of Sulfated proteins in any protein samples. Protein Tyrosine Sulfation (PTS) is formed where a sulfate group is added to a Tyrosine. The function of PTS includes protein-protein interactions and the subsequent biochemical/physiological reactions. Currently, only a small fraction of sulfated proteins have been found, such as adhesion molecules, G-protein-coupled receptors, coagulation factors, serine protease inhibitors and extracellular matrix proteins. Applied Biomics’ 2D Fluorescent Western Blot has been successfully applied in studying the functions of Sulfated protein. In addition, we offer mass spectrometry service to identify the Sulfotyrosine sites.

Representative PTM 2D Western Blots:

1. Phosphorylation 6. Nitrotyrosine
2. Ubiquitination 7. Biotinylation
3. Acetylated-Lysine 8. Succinyl-Lysine
4. Sulfo-Tyrosine 9. Citrullination
5. Methyl-Arginine 10. 4-hydroxynonenal (4-HNE)

4. Sulfo-Tyrosine

Example: Mouse mammary epithelial cells

Proteins from Mouse mammary epithelial cells were extracted, followed by Sulfotyrosine 2D Western Blot using Applied Biomics’ protocols.


Mouse Epithelial Cell Protein

PTM 2D Western Blot Sulfo-Tyrosine

Anti-Sulfotyrosine Western Blot

PTM 2D Western Blot Sulfo-Tyrosine

Protein / Anti-Sulfotyrosine Western

PTM 2D Western Blot Sulfo-Tyrosine

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