HCP Profiling Analysis

Our HCP Profiling analyses detect, quantify and compare HCP compositions of 3 HCP samples in 1 test. For projects with more than 3 samples, Cross-gel analysis will be performed using customers pre-set control. This platform has been successfully applied in the following areas:

  1. Compare batch-to-batch HCP profile
  2. Track purification process

The analysis contains two components:

  • HCP Image Analysis: Direct visualization and comparison of HCP profile such as compositions, modifications and fragmentations that no other platform could achieve.
  • HCP Quantitative Analysis: Total spot count of each sample, protein ratios between samples, individual HCP quantity, total HCP quantity and DS quantity.

A. HCP Image analysis

Gel images of each sample and overlay of two sample images will be generated. In the 2-color overlay image, spots with green, red and yellow color indicate decreased, increased and similar expression, respectively.

CHO_S1: 2445 Spots

HCP Profiling Analysis: 2D image of CHO_S1

CHO_S2: 1979 Spots

HCP Profiling Analysis: 2D image of CHO_S2

CHO_S2: 2378 Spots

HCP Profiling Analysis: 2D image of CHO_S3


HCP Profiling Analysis: 2D overlay image of CHO_S1 vs CHO_S2


HCP Profiling Analysis: 2D overlay image of CHO_S1 vs CHO_S3


HCP Profiling Analysis: 2D overlay image of CHO_S2 vs CHO_S3

B. HCP Quantitative analysis

Spot counting of each sample: Total number of spots for each sample and presence/absence of each spot area
Similarity analysis: Default or customer requested fold cutoff will be used to assess the % similarity between samples
Drug Substance (DS) PPM calculation (per request)
HCP PPM calculation (per request)

Sample Info

Please follow these general principles regarding biohazardous materials and buffer condition in getting your samples ready.

Protein amount for each gel: 20-50 µg of total protein from each sample.

Protein concentration: 5-20 mg/ml is preferred.

Buffer: Please feel free to submit samples in whichever buffer that you would normally use. The standard sample preparation is covered by the DIGE gel cost. Such samples should have protein concentration in the range of 5-20 mg/ml. Additional charge may apply on samples that require extensive amount of the extra work such as protein eluting, concentrating, buffer exchange or serum abundant protein depletion.

Sample type: Please inform our scientists about your sample type. We will send you additional tips for each sample type.


Services DescriptionAcademic/Governmental LabsIndustrial/Commercial Labs
2D DIGE Analytical Gel (2 CyDye labeling)101A2$1200101N2$1500
2D DIGE Analytical Gel (3 CyDye labeling)101A3$1295101N3$1595
HCP Quantitative Analysis202A-HCPTBD202N-HCPTBD

Price covers:

  • Experimental design
  • Standard sample preparation and protein concentration determination
  • Fluorescent dye labeling using CyDye
  • IEF and SDS-PAGE
  • Gel image scan using Typhoon scanner
  • Image analysis (ImageQuant)
  • Data Report