De Novo Peptide Sequencing

Mass spectrometry can be used to obtain the sequence of a peptide of interest. This service applies to the confirmation of known peptide sequences or the discovery of novel, unknown sequences.

De Novo Peptide Sequencing Procedure

Purified Peptide or Peptide Mixture


De Novo Peptide Sequencing Procedure: step 1: MS showing the targeted mass peak of a known peptide

Select Mass Peak of Known Peptide


Confirm Sequence Using De Novo Software

De Novo Peptide Sequencing Procedure: step 2: MS showing the targeted mass peak of an un-known peptide

Select Mass Peaks of Unknown Peptides


Find Sequences Using De Novo Software

Sample Info

Sample requirement: 2-10 µg of purified peptide powder.

Biohazardous Materials: We do NOT accept samples containing any biohazardous materials. If your samples contain any biohazardous materials, please make sure to deactivate them completely using the appropriate procedure and declare them in the order form. In addition, we do NOT accept any samples containing Level 4 biohazardous materials even if they are deactivated. Please refer to this page for the rank of biohazardous materials.


Services DescriptionAcademic/Governmental LabsIndustrial/Commercial Labs
De Novo Peptide Sequencing
340Acall for price340Ncall for price

Price covers:

1. MS

  • Preparation of undiluted and 3 serial dilutions (1:10, 1:100, 1:1000) of peptide sample
  • Desalting with C18 zip-tip
  • Spotting
  • Spectrum of dilution with highest signal counts

2. MS/MS

  • MALDI-TOF/TOF of customer-selected peak from MS spectrum
  • De novo peptide sequencing using AB SCIEX DeNovo Explorer software
  • Data report showing top 10 possible sequences of peptide

Price does not cover:

  • Protein identification
  • Sample preparation
  • Data request in addition to standard report