Intact Mass Analysis

Protein intact mass analysis offers precise measurement of intact protein mass in native or denatured condition. Our platform uses the Orbitrap Exploris with Biopharma option for maximum detection and quantitation of all mass components of target protein.

We have optimized protein intact mass protocols starting from sample preparations to mass spectrometry scan settings to fit different kinds of proteins. The following is an example of measuring protein intact mass of a monoclonal antibody in a buffer containing high salt and detergent.

Figure 1: MS1 Spectra of mAb

In the MS1 scan of the protein, a “charge envelope” pattern is produced. Typically there are multiple high-abundance m/z peaks, with the highest peak being the middle.

MS1 Spectra of mAb showing protein envelope

Figure 2: Deconvoluted Spectra of mAb

BioPharma Finder 5.1 analyzes the MS1 spectra and chromatogram by deconvoluting it into mass peaks. The most abundant mass of the protein is shown as a dominant main peak.

Deconvoluted spectra of mAb

Intact Mass Experimental Procedure:

  1. Sample preparation: Sample is prepared in an appropriate buffer
  2. Sample desalting: Remove salt, detergent and other chemicals that interfere with intact mass analysis
  3. Intact mass analysis by Orbitrap Exploris: Optimal scan settings are used to obtain the best MS spectra
  4. Data Analysis: The MS spectra is deconvoluted & analyzed in BioPharma Finder 5.1 to determine the molecular weight and other component masses

Data Report covers the following:

  1. MS Spectra: Protein fingerprint showing the peaks and charge states at various m/z
  2. Deconvoluted Spectra: Main peak & mass of the protein, along with smaller peaks of minor components
  3. Component-level data including abundance, intensity, confidence, and number of charge states
  4. Charge state-level data

Sample Info

Sample type: >90% purified protein in solution or lyophilized powder

Protein amount: 200-1000 ug

Protein concentration: >5 mg/ml recommended

Protein sequence: Optional

Buffer: Water or PBS, no detergent. Please inform our scientists of the buffer composition. Additional charge will apply on samples: 1) <2mg/ml in concentration; 2) In high salt/detergent.

Biohazardous Materials: We do NOT accept samples containing any biohazardous materials. If your samples contain any biohazardous materials, please make sure to deactivate them completely using the appropriate procedure and declare them in the order form. In addition, we do NOT accept any samples containing Level 4 biohazardous materials even if they are deactivated. Please view here for the rank of biohazardous materials.


Services DescriptionAcademic/Governmental LabsIndustrial/Commercial Labs
Intact Mass Analysis*330Acall for price330Ncall for price

*Each order should have a minimum of 3 samples. Turnaround time is ~7 business days.

Price covers the following:

  • Standard sample preparation
  • Desalting: Optional
  • Measure and adjust protein concentration
  • Intact mass analysis
  • Data Analysis

Price does NOT cover:

  • Sample concentrating or extensive desalting
  • Data request in addition to the standard report