Order Services

Proteomics study design and ordering procedure:

Over 400 proteomics publications have cited Applied Biomics’ proteomics services. Check if your study material is in our image gallery. You can request info or follow these steps to identify and order our proteomics services:

1. Identify the right service:
Please determine the specific proteomics services that would best address your research needs. Feel free to call or email our tech support team to confirm.

2. Identify the right study design:
Please review the different study design options of the service you have identified and decide which one suits your project objectives.

3. Set up account and obtain quotes:
Once you finalize the service and study design, our finance department will contact you to set up your account and send a formal quote to you.

4. Complete an order form:
When you’re ready to ship your samples to us, please inform your project leader and fill out the appropriate order form.

5. Sample preparation: follow our guidelines on how to prepare your samples

6. Shipping address and instructions: follow our guidelines on how & where to ship your samples

7. Set up payment method:

  • Check

Please request your accounting department to generate a purchase order (PO) according to the quote, and email to: ar@appliedbiomics.com.

  • ACH / Wire Transfer

Please send an email to ar@appliedbiomics.com for the ACH/wire transfer instructions. Customers are responsible for bank and wire fees.

  • Credit Cards – Visa

Credit card information is required prior to the start of your project. Processing fees may apply. Please call our finance department at 510-887-0348 or send an email to ar@appliedbiomics.com for the instructions.