Proteomics study design and ordering procedure:

Over 400 proteomics publications have cited Applied Biomics’ 2D DIGE / Mass Spectrometry services. Please follow these steps to identify and order our proteomics services:

1. Identify the right service:
Please determine the specific proteomics services that would best address your research needs, feel free to call or email our tech support team to confirm.

2D DIGE: ≤3 Samples

2D DIGE: ≥4 Samples

HCP Analysis

2D Western Blot

Mass Spectrometry

2. Identify the right study design:
Please review the different study design options of the service you have identified and decide which one suits your project objectives.

3. Set up account and obtain quotes:
Once you finalize the service and study design, our finance department will contact you to set up your account and send a formal quote to you.

4. Sample submission forms:
When you’re ready to ship your samples to us, please inform your project leader and fill out the appropriate order form.

5. Sample preparation: follow our guidelines on how to prepare your samples

6. Shipping address and instructions: follow our guidelines on how & where to ship your samples

7. Set up payment method:

  • Check

Please request your accounting department to generate a purchase order (PO) according to the quote, and send to us by:

  • Wire Transfer

Please send an email to [email protected] for the wire transfer instructions. Customers are responsible for bank and wire fees.

  • Credit cards – Visa

Credit card information is required prior to the start of your project. Please call our finance department at 510-887-0348 to provide credit card information.