Other Services

Outside of our main services, Applied Biomics offers a wide range of other proteomics services to supplement your project needs:

Services DescriptionAcademic/Governmental LabsIndustrial/Commercial Labs
Extra Data Analysis (per hour)202A$115202N$135
Consulting Service (per hour)201A$150201N$220
2D Gel Comparisons (first 2 gels) *801A$450801N$550
2D Gel Comparisons (each additional gel)802A$200802N$250
Sample Storage (first 6 months)No ChargeNo Charge
Sample Storage (7-12 months)701A$125701N$150
Sample Storage (each additional 12 month)702A$200702N$250
Electronic Data Storage (first 120 days)No ChargeNo Charge
On-File Status for Later Retreival703A$125703N$150
* This analysis is for comparison of multiple scanned 2-D gel images, it requires the scanned gel images of previously run 2- D gels.