2D Gel Electrophoresis Services

In addition to 2D DIGE, we offer standard 2D Gel Electrophoresis Services with different staining options. The added benefits of our 2D Gel services are: 1) Large gel format; 2) Optimized 2D gel electrophoresis protocol; 3) Proprietary 2D gel sample preparation protocols. Our 2D gel images showed significantly higher number of detected spots and resolution than typical 2D gels.

  • Coomassie blue
  • Silver staining
  • Blue silver
  • Deep purple
  • Lumintein
  • Sypro ruby

The following images show that fluorescent labeling used in 2D DIGE offers significant advantages over silver and other staining methods.

Example 1: Mouse Stem Cells

Coomassie Blue

2D Gel with coomassie blue staining

Deep Purple

2D gel with Deep-Purple staining

Cy3 Labeling

2D gel with fluorescent dye Cy3 labeling


2D gel with Luminteine staining

Sypro Ruby

2D gel with Sypro-Ruby staining

Cy5 Labeling

2D gel with fluorescent dye Cy5 labeling

Example 2: E. coli

Silver Staining

2D gel with silver staining

Blue Silver Staining

2D gel with blue silver staining

Sample Info

Please follow these general principles regarding biohazardous materials and buffer condition in getting your samples ready.

Protein amount: 100-300 µg of total protein from each sample for each gel.

Protein concentration: 5-20 mg/ml is preferred.

Buffer: Please feel free to submit samples in whichever buffer that you would normally use. The standard sample preparation is covered by the 2D gel cost. Such samples should have protein concentration in the range of 5-20 mg/ml. Additional charge may apply on samples that require extensive amount of the extra work such as protein eluting, concentrating, buffer exchange or serum abundant protein depletion.

Sample type: Please inform our scientists about your sample type. We will send you additional tips for each sample type.


Services DescriptionAcademic/Governmental LabsIndustrial/Commercial Labs
2D Gel with 1 CyDye Labeling401A$855401N$999
2D Gel with Coomassie Blue Staining and Image Scan402A$765402N$915
2D Gel with Silver Staining and Image Scan408A$855408N$1015
2D Gel with Sypro Ruby Staining and Image Scan403A$855403N$1015
2D Gel with Deep Purple Staining and Image Scan404A$855404N$1015
2D Gel with Lumitein Staining and Image Scan405A$855405N$1015

Price covers:

  • Experimental design
  • Standard sample preparation and protein concentration determination
  • Fluorescence dye labeling using CyDye (for 401A and 401N)
  • IEF and SDS-PAGE
  • Gel staining
  • Gel image scan using Typhoon scanner
  • One hour data analysis: Image analysis by ImageQuant