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Applied Biomics Offers Qualitative and Quantitative Host Cell Protein (HCP) Profiling Analysis

February 19, 2020 09:00 AM Eastern Standard Time




HCP-1 / HCP-2

HCP-1 / HCP-2 / HCP-3

HAYWARD, Calif.– (BUSINESS WIRE )–Applied Biomics, Inc., a leading Proteomics service provider, adds HCP profiling analysis using their well established high resolution, large format 2-Dimensional Differential In-Gel Electrophoresis (2D DIGE) platform. This assay can be used to monitor HCP contamination during the purification process thus helps to improve purification strategy, specifically:

  1. Visualize and overlay the HCP images between different samples
  2. Quantitate HCP content by spot counting and PPM for each sample
  3. Quantitate the purity of product or drug substance (DS) by spot counting and PPM
  4. Quantitatively compare HCP content by fold-change and overall similarity between samples

Combined with our proprietary sample preparation protocols, this platform offers multiple advantages over other HCP detection platforms:

  1. Visualization of HCPs: FVisualize HCP compositions, modifications and fragmentations in a high resolution, large 2D image. This cannot be achieved by ELISA, LCMSMS or other platforms.
  2. High sensitivity: 2D DIGE HCP assays use fluorescent CyDye labeling, which uniformly labels all proteins. Our data has shown that CyDye labeling has a higher sensitivity and wider dynamic range over the silver staining used in the standard 2D gel.
  3. Cost effective: Each assay simultaneously tests and compares up to 3 samples. For projects with >3 samples, Cross-gel analysis will be performed using customer’s pre-set control, or default internal standard.
  4. High sensitivity: 2D DIGE HCP assays quantitate fluorescent signal of each HCP spot, allowing the accurate assessment of the HCP content and product purity.

We have further tested and optimized our sample preparation protocols for all major organisms used for generating recombinant therapeutic proteins. We offer competitive prices and guarantee a one-week turn around time. Please refer to the following link for more information about Applied Biomics 2D DIGE HCP assays.

About Applied Biomics

Applied Biomics is a Proteomics Service company established in 2005. We are centrally located in San Francisco Bay Area.

We cover both major platforms of proteomics: Gel-based 2D DIGE (2-dimensional differential in-gel electrophoresis) and Liquid-based NanoLCMSMS including iTRAQ®. Our services cover from customized experimental design, sample preparations, protein separations/quantifications to protein identifications and publication-ready data. Our proprietary sample preparation procedures have been optimized for every specific sample types. The 2D DIGE / iTRAQ® are powerful platforms for quantitatively comparing changes in global protein expressions in various research applications.