2D DIGE Image Presentation

2D DIGE images are analyzed by ImageQuant software, which can assign any color to an image. Customers are welcome to select their favorite colors in the data presentation. Following are a collection of representative examples:

  • 1-color images: the color can be in blue, green, red, and black/white etc.
  • 2-color images: this is often referred to as overlay images. In the overlay image, we normally assign green and red color to Control and Test samples, respectively. In this case, spots in green, red and yellow indicates decreased, increased and similar expression, respectively.
  • 3-color images: this is often referred to as triple color overlay images. In this case, we normally assign blue, green and red color to the individual images of each sample and present a 3-color overlay image.

Different 2D DIGE images: 1-color, 2-color, and 3-color