Mass Spectrometry Service

Our Mass Spectrometry proteomics services cover both in-gel and in-solution samples. By employing the latest technologies and optimized protocols, we offer low cost, high sensitivity and accurate quantitation services in the following applications:

Protein identification

  • MALDI TOF/TOF or Peptide finger printing
  • NanoLC-MS/MS

Protein identification and quantitation

Post-translational Modification (PTM) site identifications


Frequently asked questions about Mass Spec features, process, time & cost:

Protein ID by MALDI-TOF/TOF works the best in identifying a single protein in a 2D spot or 1D gel band. There are many factors that may affect a successful identification. The main factors are: low protein amount; sample containing multiple proteins; proteins with significant amount of PTMs, very hydrophobic proteins and proteins with few tryptic sites. If you want to ID samples with multiple proteins, nanoLC-MS/MS would be a much better option.

If we start the project from 2D DIGE and continue to protein ID, the success rate is close to 100%.

1 fmol

3~7 days

For those customers who used our upstream 2D DIGE services, we offer a significant discount on the protein ID cost so they can complete their project at a low cost. This is why the cost of protein ID is much lower for DIGE customers than the external ones.